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Business Education Examinations Council (BEEC) is the leading management development & staff training organization in Africa. BEEC provides a comprehensive range of training and development courses designed to meet the needs of Executives and staff. BEEC courses are held in major cities in Nigeria, Africa. BEEC is a Federal Government accredited training provider as its courses are accredited by the Centre for Management Development (CMD).




The Business Education Examinations Council (BEEC) has the pleasure to inform you and your colleagues that the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Britain, registration for February, 2017 programme is in progress.  BEEC represents in Nigeria the CIPR -  a leading international qualification in Public Relations. The programme includes weekend training, assignment and assessment in Nigeria under the supervision of Chartered Institute of Public Relations Britain.

Lecturers are strictly CIPR certified members.

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BEEC has run many courses for office of establishment and management service of the Presidency and many blue chip companies use its service.