Welcome To Business Education Examinations Council (BEEC)

From the Desk of the President [BEEC]

We are pleased to welcome you to Business Education Examinations Council (BEEC)“The leading management development & staff training organization in Africa.. You have probably taken the best decision to invest in your future career through BEEC training & examinations.

Accredited by the Federal Government (Centre for Management Development (CMD)); BEEC provides a comprehensive range of training and development courses designed to meet the needs of Executives and staff. BEEC examinations are of Internatioanl Standard; Qualifications are Universally recognized.

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Executive Development and Training Department

Learning & Training Needs Analysis, Learning Design, Course Planning and Administration

BEEC Consulting Group

Research: feasibility studies, corporate image study, Management Consulting, Public Relations Consulting

BEEC Professional Exams Department

BEEC Foundation Exams, BEEC Professional Certificate Exams, BEEC Professional Diploma Exams                         

BEEC Career and Employment Enhancement Advisory Service

Provide advice, guidance and fresh approach to apprenticeship scheme,    

Production & ICT Department

Design & Production of BEEC Publications, BEEC Website                                                                                              

Business Development & Marketing Development

Business Development, Client Relations, Marketing of Programmes                                      



BEEC Exams and Professional Qualifications

● Professional Certificate and Diploma in PR
● Professional Certificate and Diploma in Marketing
● Professional Certificate and Diploma in Advertising
● Professional Certificate and Diploma in Business Management
● Professional Certificate and Diploma in Human Resource Management
● Federal Government Vocational Certificate Diploma in Film & TV Production.

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Executive Development & Training Programme

● Chief Executives & Directors Development Programme
● Management & Leadership Programme
● Public relations & Communications Programme
● Human Resource Management Programme
● Marketing & Sales Management Programmes
● Secretaries & executive assistant programmes
● Finance, Audit & Accounting Programme
● Procurement Management & Supply Chain Programme
● Information Technology (ICT) Programme.

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BEEC Consulting Group

● Management Consulting Services
● Feasibility Studies
● Reputation & Image Research
● Market & Product Research
● Public Relations Consulting Services
● Product Launch
● Issues and Crisis Management
● Media Relations Management.

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