Advanced Management and Leadership Programme is a Public and Private Sectors Management Development Programme for Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Deputy General Managers and Senior officials. It is an international programme but held @ Virginrose Resort, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria in pursuance of the Federal Government policy. The programme will run  from 6th to 10th May, 2019, 5th to 9th Aug., 2019 & 25th to 28th Nov., 2019. The faculty for the programme will be a mix of international and African faculty members. It will be led by David Taylor of The Management School London.

The Advanced Management and Leadership programme is specially designed to provide Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors and Deputy General Managers and Assistant General Managers in Private and Public sectors the opportunity to accelerate the development of skills in the area of leadership, organizational administration and effective communication. The programme will focus on leadership and administrative management skills, organisation and methods, the building of high performance team, developing trust and enthusiasm.

They are expected to give effective leadership and help in identifying and mobilizing employees to meet team and organizational objectives. The programme will expose them to leadership and management skills that will enable them  perform efficiently and effectively.

Programme Objectives:

  • To review, update and discuss the application of modern and cutting edge developments in
    management studies in a changing environment.
  • Learn office management skills
  • To consider new development in Operations Management
  • To review Human Resource Management Strategy
  • To distinguish effective Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Policies
  • To assess new thinking in field of Leadership Studies and to apply them to self.
  • Learn about Leadership practice.
  • Understand the link between individual and team performance for the achievement of organisation objectives.
  • Enhance planning skills for the delivery of project.
  • Discuss how to manage change and transformation in the Delivery of Service.
  • Learn performance management in the Private and Public Service
  • Learn how to enhance financial efficiency in the Private and Public Service
  • Discuss the management of Private and Public Service Reputation
  • Learn best practice in Private and Public Service project management.


  • To review, update and discuss the application of modern and cutting edge developments in
    management studies in a changing environment.
  • Learn office management skills.
  • To consider new development in Operations Management
  • To review Human Resource Management Strategy
  • To distinguish effective Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Policies.
  • To assess new thinking in field of Leadership Studies

Programme Methodology
The Programme will be Practical and Pragmatic. It will be a combination of power point presentation, practical case studies and syndicate work. It will place emphasis on
discussion of the direction of organisations in the context of public and private sectors.

The fee for the programme is N295, 000 (Two Hundred and Ninety-Five Thousand Naira only) per participant. It is expected that the programme will be oversubscribed. Early booking and payment are recommended.

The fee covers the following:
· Programme design
· Programme delivery
· Case study and syndicate work
· Lecture materials in CD
· Consultant’s Airfare
· Accommodation and meals of consultants
· Training room and equipment
· Lunch for participants and consultants
· Refreshment
· Course Bags
· Jotters


Who should attend:
Directors, Deputy and Assistant Directors in the Private and Public Service, as well as Deputy General Managers, Assistant General Managers and Managers

Course Contents:
Strategic Management for Private and Public Sector officials

  • Strategic Management
  • Operational Management
  • Total Quality Management